Had enough of your gun cleaning supplies scattered all over the place? Here’s a simple solution for having what you need, wherever you need it.

by the Shoot-On staff

Keeping track of gun cleaning gear can be an exercise not unlike trying to herd cats. This is especially true when maintenance involves guns of varying calibers. Now, multiply that by a factor of two because you have on-the-go range gun cleaning needs as well as the deep-cleaning needs that you take care of at home.

The folks at Real Avid — specialists in DIY gun tools and cleaning equipment solutions — recently came out with a product that solves the, “Where’s my [FILL IN THE BLANK]?” dilemma we’ve all had. The company’s new Gun Boss Multi-Kit provides a one-and-done solution for cleaning your firearms regardless of where you need to do it.

The Gun Boss Multi-Kits are caliber-specific cleaning stations that include everything you need to give your firearm a quick clean on the range or a deep clean at your home bench. Each kit comes in a durable butterfly-style case that closes secure for transport and keeps everything in its place so you never have to fish through a pile of cleaning parts to find what you’re looking for.

The two-part kit comes with a Real Avid Bore Boss. This is a one-piece cleaning cable with an integrated bronze brush and braided mop wrap that you pull through the bore of the firearm for a quick cleanup in the field. The cleaning cable is wrapped around and secured to a Flex-Case Handle that serves as both a storage unit and a pull handle for the cable.

For deep-cleaning your firearm once you get home, the Gun Boss Multi-Kit comes with an assortment of items for cleaning your bore, chamber, action, and receiver, plus the caliber-specific brushes, jag and mop. Contents include:

  • T-handle
  • Bore patch jag and slotted tip
  • Phosphore bronze bore brush
  • Nylon bore brush
  • Bore mop
  • 25 bore patches
  • Detailing pick
  • Multi-piece steel cleaning rod
  • Smart brushes (narrow and diamond-shaped)

For more information on the Real Avid Gun Boss Multi-Kits or the full line of Real Avid gun tools and cleaning solutions, visit RealAvid.com.

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