The new VEROS bow sight from TRUGLO keeps the brightness up and the price down

by the Shoot On staff

Single-pin “slider” sights may have a lot of followers among the long-range bowhunting crowd, but for the typical woodland whitetail hunter, multi-pin sights still rule the roost. Fifty-yard and under range estimation is easy enough for most of us who practice regularly at known distances, and with the relatively flat trajectory of modern archery equipment, being a couple yards off in your “eyeball ranging” is rarely cause for concern when aiming for the always deadly lung shot. That’s why bowhunters keep coming back to the proven multi-pin sight platform.

One model we’ve been using the last several months is the new VEROS by TRUGLO. The VEROS is a five-pin sight that hits all the right buttons for us.

The first standout is the multiple mounting positions built into the bracket. It is designed so that, rather than having only one mounting choice, you can adjust the sight assembly forward or backward to achieve the ideal sight radius for your bow setup, and adjust the height to suit your preferred anchor/sight picture needs. Fine tune adjustments come via the micro-adjust mid-bracket elevator, which lets you make gang adjustment to the sight body to accommodate your arrow weight and trajectory. If you are a fan of heavy arrows, for example, you can simply adjust the elevation to prevent the sight pins from crowding the aperture or to prevent run-out. This works in conjunction with the independent pin elevation adjustment feature. For windage, the VEROS sight has a micro gang adjustment. All joints are under spring tension, which makes adjusting even easier without fear of a major “oops!”

Another standout with the VEROS sight is the pin brightness. Long fiber optics wrap around the front of the sight aperture to collect maximum ambient light and direct it to the pin. Speaking of the pins, the VEROS pins feature decreasing diameters — three .019 diameter pins and two .010 diameter pins — allowing the 40- and 50-yard pins (or 50 and 60-yard pins, if you like) to present less obtrusive aiming points for those longer distances.

Additional features are a low-light-glow shooter’s ring, 2nd and 3rd axis adjustable level, soft-feel technical coating, rotary LED sight light, and left- or right-hand mounting. Available options include a Range-Rover lens kit for 2X magnification and +/- .5 diopter adjustment and a sunshade. Colors are black or Realtree camo.

As for the price, we’ve found the VEROS being sold for between $75 and $80 by major online archery equipment retailers.

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