The Screw-It Deluxe Bore Guide Kit solves the problem of, “I don’t have a bore guide for that!”

by the Shoot-On Staff

Smart shooters have known for years that the use of a bore guide is key to keeping solvents and fouling out of their action when cleaning rifles, and for protecting chambers and bores from damage when using cleaning rods. The challenge has been acquiring all the different size bore guides needed to work with a variety of rifle types and calibers.

Now, MTM Case-Gard has developed a solution.

The new Screw-It Deluxe Bore Guide Kit is a modular bore guide system that lets you clean centerfire, bolt-action rifles and AR-15s with cleaning rods up to .375 inches in diameter and bolts measuring .695 inches in diameter or larger. The kit is comprised of nine pieces that stows in a clear storage case.

To use the Screw-It bore guide, simply screw together the appropriately sized components to fit snugly in your barreled action or upper receiver assembly and use as you would any caliber- or rifle-specific bore guide. The conical chamber ends are designed to create a tight fit minimize solvent and oils entering the chamber and receiver area and to prevent “bristle spray” when using bore brushes. A bolt stop is integrated into the guide to secure the system in place during use, and the kit comes with an AR link for use when cleaning AR-15 barrels.

For more on this and other innovative firearm and shooting products, visit MTM Case-Gard.

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