Military Warriors Support Foundation’s Skills4Life program and the Dunn Ranch hosted an unforgettable bonding experience for Combat-Wounded Veterans. The purpose of this event was to provide Heroes with a much-needed opportunity to get out and enjoy nature and various outdoor activities.
Heroes had an excellent start to the week with superb weather for hunting with highs around 50-60 degrees. However, the animal’s cooperation was another story. Fully embracing these challenges in the field, our veterans kept on hunting the entire time with a firm resolve. As a result of their hard work, the group tagged two deer and a hog.
Despite the hardship during the hunt, these Warriors enjoyed great fellowship and camaraderie throughout their time together, making this event fulfilling for everyone involved. Moreover, the participants were pleased to meet the great author Mark Greathouse, a cousin of John Dunn. Mark gifted each Hero with a signed copy of Nueces Blood, his newest book and the fourth of the Tumbleweed Sagas.
During this event, the participants learned how to load, shoot and reload old flintlock rifles. They utilized this knowledge at the range, and each of them fired five shots. Everyone expressed a tremendous appreciation for the Heroes who came before them who had to use these weapons on the battlefield.
Military Warriors Support Foundation wants to thank the Dunn Ranch for hosting this hunt and to each of our Heroes for their sacrifice, and for making this weekend immensely successful. It was a truly unforgettable Skills4Life event for all involved.
If you or someone you know would like to apply, please visit our website at:
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