Looking to outfit your new AR rifle? Here are the basic upgrades you should consider.

by Jeromy Knepp

In the world of AR rifles, the sky is the limit. The modern sporting rifle market has been pushed to the forefront because of its ability to match any personality. Mr. Stoner could have never dreamed what his rifle would become.

Seasoned AR owners understand this, yet this year has seen many new shooters and first-time AR buyers who may need some guidance in navigating the thick forest of AR upgrades and accessories.

As with anything else in life, quality and performance of a product must be balanced with cost. The challenge for most of us is finding that sweet spot on the performance-to-cost ratio. For this discussion, we are going to walk through the various upgrades for your PDW (personal defense weapon), three-gun rig, or modern hunting rifle. For that, we’ll look at TRUGLO, which has established a large footprint in that middle ground of delivering good-performing products that don’t break the bank.

TRUGLO pioneered of fiber optic sights for shotguns, bows, rifles, and pistols in the early 1990s. Their technologies revolutionized how shooting enthusiasts could more clearly see their sights. Since TRUGLO’s inception, the company has churned out reasonable priced products to serve both novice and professional shooters. Much of that proven technology has funneled into their optics line.


When choosing an optic, you need to decide its purpose. Do you want a single power option for close defense work? Do you need magnification for longer-distance shooting? Are you going to compete or use your AR for hunting?

TRUGLO’s recently introduced Omnia Illuminated Reticle Tactical scope would fit the need of three-gun competitors, hunters, or the CQB operator. These optics are offered in 1-4x and 1-6x variable magnification. The new A.P.T.R. (All Purpose Tactical Reticle) sub tensions help with reliable and consistent hold-over. Zeroing your optic at 100 yards puts you on target with XM193, 55-grain ammunition out to 600 yards.

For the longer distance shooters and hunters, TRUGLO offers the new Eminus Illuminated Reticle Tactical scope. This beast comes in 3-9x or 4-16x zoom ranges. These option-packed scopes provide a great starting optic for the long-range shooter. The T.P.R. (Tacplex Reticle) is set to MOA measurements to match its MOA turrets. With this system, a shooter will be able to build a range card that can utilize turrets for precision distant shots. The T.P.R. reticle delivers accurate hold-overs, matching the adjustments to your range card.

Red Dot

TRUGLO tube-style red dots fit the needs of fast-paced shooters. These non-magnified sights are great for run-and-gun style shooting. A quick flick of the muzzle to the target and the red dot is there to guide your aim.

Tube-style red dot sights such as the new Ignite Mini Compact 22mm or the Ignite 30mm Red Dot sight with a cantilever mount help a shooter to focus on the critical A zone or 10-ring. The Ignite Mini and 30mm Red Dot are equipped with a 2 MOA red dot for precise, up-close shots. Ten different brightness setting are built into the Ignite Mini while the 30mm Red Dot offers eight illumination settings. Both are built with an auto-off setting to help preserve battery life. One of the added features is a memory setting of the last light level used.

Though not designed for distance shooting, these optics can be useful for targets as far as a shooter is comfortable with shooting.

Reflex Sight

Finally, the TRUGLO TRU-TEC Micro is a great option for CQB or the run-and-gun action of 3-gun competitors. The TRU-TEC Micro comes with a 3 MOA red dot for quick sight picture acquisition. Being small and lightweight, this sight can be added to an AR with an offset mount either on a scope ring or any of the different style of mounting options for the handguard. This allows a shooter to have a magnified optic for long shots on steel, but also to make quick reflex shots on targets up close.


For many long-range shooters, bipods are must-have equipment. The Tac-Pod from TRUGLO provides the stability you need either on the bench or in the field. This bipod is equipped to mount to your front swivel stud or Picatinny rail and is designed to accommodate any shooting or hunting style. You can purchase a fixed mount or swivel base bipod. The shortest option is the 6- to 9-inch model for prone shooting while the 14- to 29-inch model serves well for shooting in a seated position.

TRUGLO is an American-based company in Texas that has led the fiber optic sight market for decades. Their focus on the American shooter has allowed them to develop products to meet a variety of shooting and hunting needs. Whether you need an optic, a red dot, or even a bipod for your AR-platform rifle, TRUGLO probably has what you need at a price you can afford.

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