Forget the cardboard boxes and awkward, makeshift stands. MTM has the cure for the shooting range blues.

by Rob Reaser

I don’t know about you, but for me, heading to the range is often a major exercise in packing and toting gear. Whether I’m shooting a handgun or working through a rifle sight-in session, it usually takes me two or three trips to move everything I need between the truck and the bench. The most awkward of those items tends to be target stands.

If you shoot much at public ranges, you know the most common target stand is a cardboard box. Yeah, it can get the job done, but it’s far from the best option. And who wants to haul a shot-up and dirty cardboard box home just to throw it away?

Homemade stands made of a rugged 2×4 frame works well, but these are even more aggravating to load in the truck and carry 100 or 200 yards downrange.

The most convenient target stand solution we’ve come across is the Jammit system from MTM Case-Gard. These are simply two-piece stands that accommodate cardboard backers to secure your targets or you can use MTM’s all-weather target backer that works in all weather conditions and lasts a surprisingly long time.

MTM offers two Jammit stands—a standard and a compact version. Both are comprised of a vertical support with integrated metal pegs and a footstep that lets you stick them into the ground. A horizontal backer support slides onto the vertical support and secures the backer. These stands are lightweight, highly portable, and are a major upgrade for anyone looking for an easy solution for home or public range shooting. We’ve been using them for the last couple of years, and they’ve certainly made range life easier.

The MTM Jammit target stand is a two-piece unit that includes the vertical support base and a horizontal target backer holder. Although you can use a cardboard backer with this system, MTM’s All-Weather target backer is the best bet because it is rigid, doesn’t absorb water, and lasts for hundreds of rounds.

Two metal stakes integrated into the vertical base makes it easy to place the Jammit stand into the ground. It doesn’t, however, work in rocky soil.

The horizontal backer holder fits neatly onto the vertical support.

Slide the MTM polypropylene target backer into the holder to complete the assembly.

Two clamps are included with the Jammit stand. You can use them for securing stiff cardboard targets, but we recommend using tape to secure paper targets to keep them from moving when it is breezy.

As you can see, the MTM Jammit Compact stand is shorter than the standard unit but is based on the same concept. This model is ideal for backyard airgun plinking or for short-range pistol practice.

MTM also offers their Easy-Load Bird Board Clips with the Jammit Complete Target System. and the MBM Bird Board. These clips secure to the backer, allowing you to support clays. For pistol shooting or longer-range open-sight shooting with rifles, this setup is serious fun.

For more information on these and other shooting and target solutions from MTM Case-Gard, visit their website.

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