Euless, TX (July 9, 2021) – We are pleased to announce the Convergent Hunting App Predator Pro (Version 1.6) has been released on iOS and Android. The update includes new coyote, bobcat and raccoon sounds available for purchase. Also, we have updated the Terms and Conditions for all five Convergent Hunting apps found on the Apple and Google Play stores. Specifically, the updated Terms and Conditions reiterates that the sounds are designed to be played strictly with Convergent Hunting game calls to ensure maximum sound quality.

All the Convergent apps were designed from the beginning as an intuitive interface for controlling Bullet HP Bluetooth Game Call. Easy to use day or night, the feature-rich Convergent apps have been proven to call in even the most elusive predators.

Night Mode, available on all Convergent Hunting apps, greys out the colors of the app. For those that enjoy hunting at night with thermal gear, hunters can continue to use the apps to call in predators without drawing attention to themselves.

The Timer button is especially useful in helping keep track of how long you have played a certain sound or how long you have been on standby.

The Decoy button is designed to control the decoy included with the Bullet HP by turning it on and off. Note the decoy on the Bullet HP is silent and spins in both directions simulating a life-like action that is very effective at focusing a predator’s attention.

The Video function is a popular feature that taps into the camera on your phone for recording hunts. Facing in the direction of your rifle, catch all the predator hunting action on video by placing your phone in the Picatinny Phone Mount that comes with the Bullet HP Bluetooth Game Call Complete System.

Convergent’s exceptional sound library is the heart and soul of the Convergent predator hunting system. Recorded in high definition and edited to ensure premium sound quality, every sound has been extensively tested and proven in the field. Convergent has always understood quality over quantity leads to more success out in the field.

With the latest update to the Predator Pro app, we have added 9 new sounds that are available as a package with an in-app purchase of $1.99. These include two new bobcat sounds, two new coyote vocals, a coaxer sound, and four raccoon sounds. Simply update the app scroll down to the greyed-out sounds starting with Bobcats Mating and click to complete the purchase process.

New Sound Descriptions

  • Bobcats Mating. This is a recording of a male and female bobcat during the mating process. Sure to attract bobcats all throughout the year and especially January-March.
  • Courting Bobcats. This is a unique sound we were incredibly lucky to obtain. This is the actual audio of two bobcats vocalizing to each other prior to mating.
  • Coyote Bark Howl. This is a great sound to use to close the deal on a reluctant coyote.
  • Lone Howl. This can also be used as a change-up howl to the above sound or any of our other coyote vocals to provoke a territorial response.
  • Co-Axer. The title of this sound is a bit of wordplay off the word “coaxer”. As the name implies, this sound is used to coax reluctant predators in the last few yards. Can also be used in tighter cover as a go-to sound to start off with. If you get a predator hung up at distance, this sound will help to get him to come on in.
  • Baby Raccoons. Awesome sound to get a paternal response from all raccoons.
  • Raccoon #2. A change-up call to help close the deal when calling raccoons.
  • Raccoon Snarls. Another change-up call to add to any calling sequence when calling raccoons.
  • Raccoon Chaos. A very busy sound that has proven to elicit very aggressive responses from raccoons. Be careful not to shoot your call as oftentimes the responding raccoon will attack the caller.
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