The only thing better than shooting stuff is saving money on shooting stuff!

by the Shoot On staff

We dig this time of year for many reasons. Hunting season is in full swing and we get to spend more time with family and friends. Then there are those bargains…the sales and discounts that save us  green so we can do more of what we love to do most. You know…shoot!

We reached out to several companies in the outdoor and shooting segments to see what they might have for our loyal Shoot On readers in terms of Black Friday bargains. Below you will find discounts on top-line shooting and hunting gear that you’ll definitely want to check out.

CrossBreed Holsters

Save BIG with CrossBreed Holsters this Black Friday. We are offering some of the best savings of the year with 35% off our brand new Reckoning, MT2, and ST2 holsters PLUS save 35% on our top-quality leather gun belts. Get your friends and family what they REALLY want for Christmas…a brand new holster from CrossBreed.


Are you in the market for a new long range scope, handgun sights, or stabilizer? What about accessories for that new bow or a fresh sighting system for your turkey gun? Whatever your game TRUGLO has a broad range of sighting systems and accessories for practically every shooting platform. For Black Friday 2020, TRUGLO is offering 15% off products across their entire website.  Click this link and use code BF15 from now until 11/30 to take advantage of these great deals.

Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks

The ONLY discounts Boyds Gunstocks offers are HERE. Don’t miss this SALE of the yea…Boyds Hardwood Gunstocks Black Friday/Cyber Monday SALES. Start early on Tuesday, Nov. 24th and receive 25% off all laser and checkering engravings. Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales include free Laminate Upgrades and 35% off Pachmayr Pads! Make sure not to miss out on Cyber Monday with 20% off Pillar Bedding. Build Better with Boyds at All sales end 12/1/2020.

SEVR Broadheads

SEVR has quickly become the leading name in maximum performance, always reliable mechanical broadheads for big game. Thanks to exclusive direct-from-the-factory sales and support, bowhunters get premium broadheads backed by industry-leading customer service at “buy only what you need” prices to save you money. Now, serious bowhunters can save even more with exclusive offers Black Friday offers from SEVR, which you can find HERE!  Get 50% off all apparel, 40% off broadheads, and much more!

Rival Arms

Do-it-yourself firearms enthusiasts…you don’t want to miss this! Rival Arms, the top name in precision upgrade components for GLOCK and S&W Shield pistols and now Ruger 10/22- and Remington 700-compatible chassis systems, is kicking off the DIY season with a 15% sale you can’t afford not to take advantage of. For those who prefer to work on their own guns and improve their performance with precision-made, high-quality components, you’ll want to check out the Rival Arms Black Friday sales here.  Be sure to use code BF15 at checkout.

Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls


Have you ever been on a hunt and had an unwanted coyote or bobcat ruin your day by running off the deer or turkeys your are hunting? If you only had a small predator call handy and ready to blow, you could bring them closer you could eliminate this nuisance. Rocky Mountain Hunting Calls has the answer: The Cartridge Call.

The Cartridge Call 3 pack features three predator distress calls that are machined from solid aluminum to the dimensions of: .243 Win, .22-250 Rem and .223 Rem. The calls are anodized in two colors to resemble a completed cartridge. The calls have a “voice” inserted into the large end of the call so when you blow on the “bullet end” it produces the distress sounds of rabbits, birds, or rodents. Each call comes with a metal ring so you can put in on your key chain and have a predator call with you whenever you have your keys!  Use code shooton for 25% off!

XS Sights

XS 3-Dot Night Sights provide fast sight acquisition by pairing a bright orange front sight with a blacked-out rear sight. The extra-wide notch provides a bigger window to acquire the front post and the increased space around the front sight edges allows for more precise sight alignment.

In low light, our 3-Dot sights prevent confusing the front and rear sights by using a larger, bright tritium vial in the front sight and two smaller vials in the rear. Additionally, our proprietary light-absorbing photoluminescent front dot absorbs ambient light and glows in low light along with the tritium to ensure the front is always brighter than the rear.

All XS night sights are CNC machined from steel bar stock in the great state of Texas. The steel construction ensures the sights are protected from drops, racking off barricades, and will hold up for years. The steel surface is blued to resist rusting with a regular cleaning and oiling schedule.

XS 3-Dot sights are chemically resistant to acetone-based cleaning solutions and ultrasonic cleaners. The convex dot is gun powder residue-resistant and can be easily wiped off with a cleaning cloth.

Upgrade your pistol today and discover the XS Advantage!

Apex Gear

If this year’s bowhunting season has left your gear in tatters, you might want to take a look and the numerous performance-driven archery accessories from the folks at Apex Gear. Covering a broad range of premium sights, rests, stabilizers, quivers, and more, Apex-Gear is designed by real-world bowhunters who understand that reliable, quality equipment is an integral part of any successful adventure. For this year’s Black Friday, Apex Gear is offering a 15% site-wide discount on their compound and crossbow products. Just use code BF15 at checkout to save big!

BrewZ 2 Go

Seems like several companies in the outdoor industry are now purveyors of specialty coffees. Hey…who doesn’t like a hot brew on a cold day? One standout coffee house that does things a bit different and hits all the right notes for outdoors enthusiasts is BrewZ 2 Go. Forget about instant coffee; leave the percolators and fancy machines at home. BrewZ 2 Go lets you make fresh-brewed coffee ANYWHERE you can make hot water.

The concept behind BrewZ 2 Go is gourmet-roasted coffee contained in an “Earth-friendly” steeping pouch, called a coffee sachet. Simply pour hot water into your mug and allow the coffee to steep to your desired strength. It’s that simple. We’ve used BrewZ 2 Go ourselves on our outdoor adventures and can guarantee it will deliver the same fresh-brewed taste you demand from a high-end coffee maker. For Black Friday, the folks at BrewZ 2 Go are offering Shoot On readers $3.00 off on their order by using promo code BLACK at checkout.

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